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Forrat’s Chocolates specializes in quality Truffles, Caramels and Chocolates made fresh, on site in our London facility, using only European Chocolate, as well, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa butter and natural flavorings to name a few ingredients are received weekly with world wide provenances, that allows our Chocolatiers to make diverse recipes, to adapt to a Canadian demanding customer. Forrat’s Chocolates takes you back to the basics – fresh ingredients, handcrafted quality, and a passion for making chocolate, but also keeps up with an ever evolving and demanding customer base, also, one of the major goal of Forrats, is to be able to provide high end Chocolate to the masses, removing the stigma that high end chocolate has to come with a high end ticket price. The first Forrat’s store opened in September 2003, at the Covent Garden Market in London, Ontario. At that time, the store was called La Chocolaterie Forrat Inc. The name was ‘quite a mouthful’ so Marc decided as more stores were about to open, they needed to change the name to something simpler and thats when Forrat’s Chocolates was born. The mission of Forrat’s Chocolates is to bring back chocolate as an edible social experience, the good ol’ days – the days of face-to face customer interaction that existed before pre-packaged, mass production. At Forrat’s Chocolates, we encourage customers to share their stories, bring in their families and friends and watch the process of their favorite treats being made fresh.

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The vision for our Lounge, is to be able to bring the European lifestyle that the Forrat Family grew up into, to our customer’s day to day… bringing a bit of Europe into our Canadian lives. Eating in Brazil or France,(respectively Marcs place of birth and where he has learned Chocolate making) is an event, not a moment where we simply stop to eat, it involves emotions and feelings as well, nowadays, our lives are so busy, that the goal for the Lounge is to make you forget the outside world and enjoy good food while you are with us and your friends or family, All in a slick yet welcoming environment. At Forrat’s Chocolate Lounge we believe in taking time to eat, and not just ingesting food. We carefully prepare the food, the table, the drinks… we treat our customers like family as there is always something to talk about or celebrate.

Forrat's Chocolate


The Studio was created to give our customers the opportunity to experience our world of Chocolate making! Our Studio was built for Chocolate production as well as private classes and much more... Our customers can come buy some chocolate, sometimes see our chocolatiers make chocolates , purchase some of our delicious chocolates and also have a class with us, we also manufacture everything we sell locally in our stores and we are starting soon a Forrat’s TV channel where we will interview Local London Influencers and Celebrity guests and personalities and have some fun with them. Stay tuned!!!

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