The vision of Forrat’s Chocolate Lounge was to be able to bring the European lifestyle, into our customer’s day to day as much as possible… bringing a bit of Europe into Canada Eating in France or Portugal is an event, not a moment. At Forrat’s Chocolate Lounge we believe in taking time to eat, and not just ingesting food. We carefully prepare the food, the table, the drinks… we treat our customers like family and neighbours as there is always something to talk about or celebrate.

The day to day lives of the Canadian life, keeps us busy, always working and we lose track of what’s really important… family always comes first, health, friends and the obvious, fun.

At Forrat’s Chocolate Lounge our specialty Crepes, Chocolate and Cheese fondues are all prepared to order, in small batches, with care and dedication that we usually don’t see anywhere but home. From the food to the specialty drinks such as Imported Beers or Wines or even Chocolate and Creme Brulee Martinis, to simply a decadent hot chocolate made with Pure Melted European Chocolate.

Our goal is to provide you with an experience of comfort and relaxation from the choice of music, the staff’s attention to your needs, like a baby chair, or a blanket to throw on the sofas so you are not cold, we pay attention to details in our customer service. We try to accommodate the ambiance and transport you into a new world, for the time you stay with us… the lounge takes you away and reminds you how service should really be, one chocolate at the time.

Location 60 N Centre Rd
London, ON
N5X 3W1
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Opening Hours Forrat's Lounge
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