Marc Forrat


Marc Forrat is the original owner and Chocolatier who came to Canada from France in 1996 with the dream to spread his love of chocolate across Canada. Born in Brazil in 1972 to French-Algerian parents, Eveline and Camille, Marc’s entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured early on as his mother owned a Bistro/Health Food store in Brazil and dad was an engineer and a Jeweler, having Marc exposed to entrepreneurial ship at its best. At an early age, Marc learnt that integrity, honor and hard work were essential in life.

Early love of


Most children like to eat chocolate but Marc wanted to create it. At 12 years old, he decided to make his own chocolate recipe by borrowing a couple of bags of nuts and cookies from his mom’s Bistro. Combining nuts and cookies with 2 pounds of Nestle chocolate from the local grocery store, Marc made little bite sized clusters and gave them away to his mother’s customers. Seeing the success that his "clusters" had on customers, he started playing with molds – from Easter Eggs to various holiday sculptures.



At 16, Marc moved to France with his mother. Four years later, Marc opened his first business. A Franco-Brazilian Bistro just like his mom’s. After a year he realized he loved dealing with customers but he wanted to incorporate his love of chocolate into his business. He closed his Bistro and worked for a French Chocolatier in Nice, France who took Marc under his wing and taught him the fundamentals of chocolate-making. Marc trained for 5 years, selling his creations to friends, restaurants and bakeries.

Following the


Today Marc spends his time as father to his beloved daughter Emilie, husband and Chocolatier-making recipes, training staff, planning for future store expansions and volunteering his time as a public speaker and supporter of local community charities and events.